Zyppah For Life

My wife and I are very similar. We like the same things, and we do things together, even snore. It really didn’t bother us at first but our church mates were really concerned about the snoring. They worry that we might have some kind of illness that need to be addressed. In addition, we also feel their discomfort whenever we spend the night together during our outreach. They are just too polite not to mention it to us.

We are healthy people and we never miss our annual physical exam that is why we are pretty sure that there is nothing wrong with us in the health department. However, we never mention about the snoring thing so my wife and I decided that we should address the matter seriously. We went to see a doctor to get ourselves checked. We were anxious about the result but good thing, it was nothing serious. Our physician recommended us to use anti-snoring device that can help address the snoring.

There are several anti-snoring devices in the market, but we everything changed after we’ve read the Zyppah review In case you do not know yet, snoring is caused by the vibration of our air passages when it is blocked. The key to preventing snoring is to keep our air passages clear. Zyppah RX addresses this by keeping the lower jaw advanced and by maintaining the tongue in place. I have seen similar anti-snore products, but none of them has the tongue guard.

Ordering Zyppah online is easy. You can also call their hotline number to place your order. Our Zyppah arrived after four days, and we were keen to try it. We just needed to follow a few steps to customize the fit of our device.

It did not take us three minutes to complete the customization process which is simply, soak in hot water, bite on the Zyppah, and then rinse with cold water. It is that simple. The fit was perfect, but we drooled a lot. The instruction manual said it is completely normal especially when you are still getting used to having a mouthpiece.

The instruction manual also advised to wear it at least an hour before going to sleep. Of course, being newbies, we had to do as instructed. Funny that I got another benefit from breaking in our Zyppah, it was the quiet. That night was the first time I was able to concentrate on the book I was reading because my wife was also busy training her mouth with the Zyppah.

The next thing we know is that it was morning already. I played the recording from last night while we were eating our breakfast and it was dead air all throughout. It was unbelievable! I never knew a product could work the first time you try it. The only concern was the drool on our pillows, but it can be washed anyway.

We are so excited to surprise our church mates when we have our out-of-town outreach next week. I am sure they will finally have a good night sleep with us.

I recommend Zyppah to everyone who is having snoring problems. You can take advantage of the 90-day money back guarantee so that you can test the product. At first, we thought we were going to return the product, but we were proven wrong. Zyppah is very effective in keeping us quiet all through the night. It worked the first time we tried it, and it never failed us since then.



Trying Out Snoring Devices

So I’ve been told I snored pretty loudly, fortunately enough I don’t seem to be experiencing anything like sleep apnea. For those of you who don’t know that’s a condition where you stop breathing when you sleep, often accompanied with loud snoring.

With people worried for me, I decided to get checked, and after extensive checkups it was determined that I am not suffering the condition.  So I was told that I should try out a few snoring devices that might solve my snoring problem.

I’ve tried a few and have experience different pros and cons from each kind, so I would actually call myself a snoring device connoisseur now. Come and let me tell you of the difference of MAD and TSD, and the pros and cons of a sleep apnea machine.

Let’s start out with differentiating the three types of snoring devices. The MAD or Mandibular Advancement Device, The TSD or Tongue Stabilizing Device, and the Sleep Apnea Machine properly known as CPAP Machines or Continuous Positive Airway Pressure Machine.

The MAD is a mouthpiece that positions your lower jaw properly allowing the passage of air through your throat not to be too restricted, often time this along with loose or flabby muscles at the back of your throat is what causes the loud snoring noise. The drawback to this is the need for you to get one personally fitted, you can do this by approaching a dentist or orthodontist. A few things good about this is that the preciseness of the fit allows for a comfortable fit. The device also has a wider array of options and brands to choose from, not to mention it is the cheapest one of all the devices.

The TSD is also a mouthpiece, though the function of the device is the same as the MAD it’s approach is by stabilizing the tongue, and like the previous t device allowing the air to travel to a much less constricted airway, the snoring is reduced or completely erased. The drawback of this snoring device is the lack of options and the slightly higher price tag compared to the MAD, presumably because of the many patents associated with the device. Though it’s a one size fit all type of device so you have less of trouble looking for someone to modify it for you, unlike the MAD.

The CPAP Machine, though helpful with lessening to completely eliminating snoring, is actually for sleep apnea rather than just snoring. It uses slightly pressurized air to continuously flow through the throat, allowing the user to breathe normally and eliminating the snoring noise. The problem with this machine is that you experience soreness and dryness of the mouth and throat every morning. It’s a device meant for sleep apnea and should be used for sleep apnea, at least that’s my tough about it.

I’ve tried all of these devices and found the MAD was for me, I can’t say that it is the choice for everyone though. Take the points I made and make a decision for yourself, or if you would like to, try them each for yourself and become a snoring device connoisseur.