Trying Out Snoring Devices

So I’ve been told I snored pretty loudly, fortunately enough I don’t seem to be experiencing anything like sleep apnea. For those of you who don’t know that’s a condition where you stop breathing when you sleep, often accompanied with loud snoring.

With people worried for me, I decided to get checked, and after extensive checkups it was determined that I am not suffering the condition.  So I was told that I should try out a few snoring devices that might solve my snoring problem.

I’ve tried a few and have experience different pros and cons from each kind, so I would actually call myself a snoring device connoisseur now. Come and let me tell you of the difference of MAD and TSD, and the pros and cons of a sleep apnea machine.

Let’s start out with differentiating the three types of snoring devices. The MAD or Mandibular Advancement Device, The TSD or Tongue Stabilizing Device, and the Sleep Apnea Machine properly known as CPAP Machines or Continuous Positive Airway Pressure Machine.

The MAD is a mouthpiece that positions your lower jaw properly allowing the passage of air through your throat not to be too restricted, often time this along with loose or flabby muscles at the back of your throat is what causes the loud snoring noise. The drawback to this is the need for you to get one personally fitted, you can do this by approaching a dentist or orthodontist. A few things good about this is that the preciseness of the fit allows for a comfortable fit. The device also has a wider array of options and brands to choose from, not to mention it is the cheapest one of all the devices.

The TSD is also a mouthpiece, though the function of the device is the same as the MAD it’s approach is by stabilizing the tongue, and like the previous t device allowing the air to travel to a much less constricted airway, the snoring is reduced or completely erased. The drawback of this snoring device is the lack of options and the slightly higher price tag compared to the MAD, presumably because of the many patents associated with the device. Though it’s a one size fit all type of device so you have less of trouble looking for someone to modify it for you, unlike the MAD.

The CPAP Machine, though helpful with lessening to completely eliminating snoring, is actually for sleep apnea rather than just snoring. It uses slightly pressurized air to continuously flow through the throat, allowing the user to breathe normally and eliminating the snoring noise. The problem with this machine is that you experience soreness and dryness of the mouth and throat every morning. It’s a device meant for sleep apnea and should be used for sleep apnea, at least that’s my tough about it.

I’ve tried all of these devices and found the MAD was for me, I can’t say that it is the choice for everyone though. Take the points I made and make a decision for yourself, or if you would like to, try them each for yourself and become a snoring device connoisseur.

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